How do I set up My Affiliate Account ?

Setting up your affiliate account is straight forward; 

Go to wearme influencers page or click below

Enter your email address; we suggest this email should be the same email address you will be using for paypal payouts.  

You will receive a link to verify your account and set up your details

What information do I need to Provide  

We require all the information marked required  in the influencers signup page; we use this information to track your payout and regulatory documentation purposes. We also update the requirements from time to time, and you will be notified if additional information will be required in the future. 


- Minimum of average 3K views/post on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube.

- Having 70K followers

- Based (continental) US

* You will need to sign an official contract after confirmation.

How do I increase visibility with Suppliers 

Right now we provide visibility by promoting influencers with proven track record; video/blog turn in time, quality of material produced and the amount of sales/ inbound traffic generated; we constantly promote top 20 influencers updated each week. In the near future we have an AI enabled automatic matching system in the works and scheduled for release late August/September 2021.   

When do I get paid ?

Payouts are scheduled on the 7th date of every month for amounts exceeding or equal to 50$ (USD); if this day happens to be on a bank holiday, the payment shall be made on the first or second working day. 

How do I choose products

We do not spam or abuse your email; the only correspondence you should expect to receive from us is the weekly call for influencers: detailing products and suppliers terms. And of course if there are issues that require your attention and membership on our site. 

are there any restrictions on media type & Content ? 

We would like to maintain the utmost professionalism and curtsey between all members hence as such we require that your content meets the guidelines and influencer terms of service. 

How do I cancel my influencer account ? 

We would love to have you around but If you do not wish to collaborate with wearme and hear back from us any longer, there is an unsubscribe button on the weekly email we send through. It will take you to a page where you would be able to blacklist yourself and unsubscribe. 

Are there any other questions we didn't cover here ?

Contact us any time via our help desk to get a faster response.