TOP 5 Reasons WHY You should buy Wearables @ wearme

In short : Why you shouldn't be shopping for your Smart Wearables none other than  @ Wearme;

Article Summary

This article discuses four reasons why you should shop at wearme than other places; 

-  Cost Considerations

-  Only Wearables, Only Smart 

-  Straight from the developers 

-  Support Small Teams  

By Matt Belachew

Matt is the Founder and CEO of Wearme, he had two professorship position at SCNU and SHNU, while living and working  in China for the past 15 years, with multiple software and hardware startups. You may reach him : [email protected]

"What the f** is a smart wearable?" said an acquaintance I met at a dinner a couple of weeks back. 

I was out of words and unprepared, I assumed every one knew what a "Wearable" was.

I tried to explain in one simple sentence and one simple example. I replied, "it is an electronic device that is embedded in what you wear on your body or skin. Something like - a smart watch or smart (google) glasses"  

She went, " Oh yes, something like FitBit" 

"Yes, Something like that, but Fitbit and Apple Watches are not the only wearables out there. In fact, here at Wearme we collaborate with lots of smart wearable developers.

She soon had the "wow moment", especially when she saw the lineup of products and the capabilities of these wearables to solve real world problems. Or simply because she was unaware those types of wearable devices even existed.

It was to some extent, an affirmation of a conviction that we need to work harder not only in empowering developers but also smart wearable buyers.  

After doing a bit of research the following week, the first thing I identified as the biggest hurdle for user adoption, despite the availability of numerous mainstream and underground / boutique stores was where to start.

There were ranges of factors a user has  to consider before buying a wearable; such as

- Actual cost of ownership,  (some provide on-demand App)
- Its advertised vs. actual quality,
- Dependability and ownership of the data that is generated,
- and some extreme cases if the smart wearable was produced ethically or unethically in a sweatshop. 

My name is Matt and I am the founder of Wearme,

in this brief article I will introduce briefly why my team and I are working round the clock to put together a holistic smart wearables & IoT innovation platform - Wearme -  and four reasons why you should buy your smart wearables with us.


If you have browsed around a bit here at Wearme, you should know by now that our prices are considerably lower than other marketplaces. The reason behind is because we add ZERO margin on top of the selling price that developers set themselves.

Our entire business model is built on empowering our developers at various stages and charge them membership after a number of sales. That is how we keep the pricing comparatively low. Now you are in the know  (Wink, Wink) 


On most mainstream marketplaces & stores come in two flavors; they are either

horizontal marketplaces, such as Amazon & eBay where you will have sift through generic directories: Main site -> Electronics -> Mobile & Accessories or,

specialist stores using some type of CMS such as shopify/woocommerce/Magento where you would have single or multiple variations of a brand product with minimal choices. 

In contrast, here at wearme we  bring together all types of smart wearables under one roof,  each team / product has to go through multiple filters before getting added to our catalog and platform.  

Criteria 1 - IS IT SMART ?

We define smartness of a wearable product in three main categories 

Basic:  Uses wireless technology & users have some type of control via their smartphone or other computational device

Regular:  Has wireless technology & its own application on Google Play / iOS App Store 

Advanced: Has all the features of Basic + Regular and is interoperable; meaning that it is compatible not only with its own app but also with other apps.    


For the time being we focus on human wearable devices, despite our love and commitment to our adorable, four- legged companions


All the products in our catalog are straight from the developers with out any intermediary whatsoever. We do our due diligence to make sure we are dealing & admitting the right types of developers, despite their product development stages; late-stage, mid-stage or early-stage.


The Smart Wearables industry is dominated by few tech giants, these companies dictate the what goes in wearable industry according to their own schedule, economies of scale & product release time-line. Relatively speaking, developing smart wearables is much more streamlined, if not  easier for larger corporations than is for small teams.

Here at Wearme, we work with small teams of developers, some with teams as low as 3 and others as high as 50. I've founded wearme with one question in mind; how do I as an individual developer could create a smart wearable in fraction of the cost/time and bring it directly to end users.

As a matter of fact, every small smart wearable startup founders ask themselves these same questions and It is also the reason why they find wearme appealing. 

We enable small team of developers to collaborate with other developers and validate their wearable ideas, connect them with reliable manufacturers afterwards, and provide them with all the sales tools to bring their products directly to smart wearable users.  Their success is our triumph and  KPI.  We strongly believe when this process is repeated over time, it would help us make meaningful yet tiny contribution to the development of iOT & smart wearables industry as a whole, one small team at a time.