COAL SENSTONE with Pendant + Clip

Senstone is a connected device that continually syncs with your smartphone or tablet. It also operates solo when not in the Bluetooth range storing 2 (two) hours of live recording making it optimal for lectures and events.

It operates best at 10-20 cm distance, you could also use a short-range microphone for the best personal experience as it is only designed to transcribe your conversations instead of people around you.

It stores notes and recordings via end to end encryption both on Senstone and during transfer. You will also have access to 150 transcribed recordings monthly and storage for audio. If you would like to upgrade to pro the app offers unlimited use with a monthly fee of $12.90.

Senstone records with the original audio and stores in 3 minute loops and automatically stops after the third minute.
It has 4 Days of Battery Life and fully charges in 3 hours.

it is compatible with iOS & Android supporting iPhone 5s and higher; Android 5+ and uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2


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    Hardware & Performance

    You speak and it comes out in text. Transcription are stored with an audio.

    Up to 3 mins in one take. Designed for the convenience of quick capturing.

    90% and higher Transcription accuracy (AI powered)

    Single microphone, short range sensitivity.

    All tracks are encrypted both on the device and during the transfer.

    You can have 3 hours of continuous recordings or 1 week in standby mode.


    A recording stored on your phone is backed up with your Cloud account making it easy to keep your notes even if you lose your phone.

    Store your notes with original audio files, to remedy errors in case there is a discrepancy with the transcription (multiple accents)

    Search easily with a help of tags (iOS), time, location or content search.

    Other features

    Edit and share the note with other people, ideal for creatives and college students

    More transcriptions and larger Cloud storage for all your recordings via subscription