Welcome to the Wearme Developer Program

As a developer-centric platform, we provide unmatched benefits; rapid prototyping, crowd funding, distribution and sales channels. Please join the developer only forums. Meanwhile if you have any questions feel free to contact us.   

Why Join 

As developers ourselves, we have identified the biggest challenge as the disconnect between wearable developers, suppliers and users. That's why we created this platform in order to enable you, the developer. 

  • Get a reliable manufacturer 

  • Recruit/collaborate with fellow developers 

  • Have access to funds for your project 

How to Join

To join you just need to sign up as a regular user and select the "do you want to become a seller/developer" check box.  Once your account is validated you will be able to add your project and get matched. You could also join the developer forums to connect and get a feel for the site.     

Who should join 

Ideally you should be a software or hardware architect or tech savvy founder of a wearable start up.