Get involved

We run monthly meetups and product showcases in the Shanghai  and San Francisco Bay area. You are warmly welcome to these events and play with some of the coolest gadgets in person!

Clarico-Offer Timer
February 2020 - TBA - wearable AR/AI

We plan to organize mid February in Shanghai after the Chinese New Year holidays, we will be showcasing three AI/VR products from our developers and suppliers.  

December 2019 - Bone Conduction Tech Wearables

We showcased two bone conduction tech wearables and a sophisticated smart watch/phone.  In case you missed the meetup here are the links to the products that were showcased. 

Smart Mask & Headphone

ALOVA Smart Glasses

Lokmat TK04 Smart Watch

Want to host your own wearable event ?

We are always on the look out for potential partners in organizing community events and meetups for wearable tech developers and enthusiasts, get and touch and we will find ways to collaborate.