How it works 

Once registered as a developer and are approved, you will be able to match with suppliers who you might be interested in collaborating.

You could engage with them as a partner or simply a manufacturer of your wearable idea.

You will also be able to create a project and get it crowdfunded.  


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ideation - scale

step-by-step OVERVIEW

This is how we plan to take your wearables from ideation to scale; a step by step explanation to give you an overview of all our services

This is where we will help you explore different avenues for your project/product idea 

Once you are sure about what your MPV would look like we will ask our customers to help you run the need assessment and idea validation; 

Now that you have a viable business idea this would be where we will help you connect with other developers who might be interested in joining your cause.  

You now have a viable team and business idea, it would be time to run a tech validation

Once all the tech and design hurdles have been dealt with, it is time to start fundraising to change the idea to a reality

In parallel to fund raising you can now create a project, which will be shared among sets of suppliers that are able to match your needs

Our Proprietary AI algorithm will match you with the ideal supplier for your wearables components + optimal time 

After matching with one or multiple manufacturers you would undergo rapid prototyping with minimal features first and build up the final product incrementally

In parallel with prototyping out in house team of marketers and KOL members will set your PR strategies and social media marketing 

Now that you've got sales, it would be time to provide after sales service and prepare for the next version of your product 

Still Got Questions ?

We are here to help, we look forwards to hearing from you.