Open Ear Smart Stereo Air Conduction Headsets

These water proof wireless air conduction headsets give you a bang for your buck. They are super comfortable open ear-hook wearable, ideal for both active and in active lifestyle oriented people alike.

It has 6D directional audio with surround effect. These 6D speakers feature an ecological diaphragm technology to deliver highly directional and high quality sound experience.

In addition, the coolest thing about it is that you could have all that projected not in ear, but outer ear and its peripherals. This means you get to enjoy your music while actively staying alert to your surroundings.

Feather light at 18 g it is convenient to wear all year long, with its IPX5 sweat and waterproof features make is the perfect companion in outdoor activities.

On a 1.5 hours of full charge these earbuds could with stand up to 120hrs on standby mode and 5 hours on full volume play.

Finally, since they are OPEN EAR design, instead of in-ear or over-ear, they would be ideal for those with sensitive ear drums or prior ear conditions.

Exceptional hardware chip featuring Bluetooth 5.0 technology, enables these headsets to connect with your cellphone. This means you would be able to answer calls and communicate with Siri or any other voice assistants. Additionally the same technology significantly increases the call quality bringing in advanced and stable connection between the headsets and your mobile phone.

They come in Black, Gray, Red and Blue.


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Specifications for Open Ear Smart Stereo Air Conduction Headsets

Color Black or White or Red