Smart NFC PressOn Nails

These smart press on nails are one of the tiniest smart NFC chips out there on the market. They can easily be attached to any of the fingers. It is CE certified and comes with its own app. The embedded chip only covers 1/5th of the nail 5mm x 5 mm with 0.12 mm thickness, which is as thick as a single strand of hair. The chip is super flexible and seamlessly attaches to the nails.

It is made of a super skin friendly material, the same material that is used in making contact lenses. The press on nail has already been certified by CE and ROHS. It doesn't leave any mark or damage what soever after prolonged use.

It can easily bend to fit the curvature of the the finger tips. It attaches without much hurdle in three simple steps.

First the nail would be polished with a suitable nail polish, afterwards you would be able to stick the chips on a suitable place (preferably at the center), then you could simply apply your favorite nail paint on the top.

The technology behind is a brand new IOT Chip set that is connected to multiple cloud offerings, it could also be used without using the default app.

It is Compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

Main Functions Include:

- Virtual (VOIP) Calling: You could easily schedule a call back to yourself to avoid embarrassing situations

- Covert SOS text messages & Location sharing to your loved ones

- You can also share your e-business cards, doodle memos and more.


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