Smart Simultaneous Interpretor Earbuds

These are super smart in ear - voice assistant app enabled bluetooth 5.0 smart translator earphones/earbuds. They also employ active noise cancellation technology for crystal clear in ear hearing experience blocking out all the external noise.

The app and the earbuds work together and are able to translate simultaneously 20 + languages including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic & others ... Now that you have these earphones you could use them either in your business travels or communicating with your colleagues, business partners & friends who do not speak your language.

They are able to simultaneously interpret between English - Chinese by up to 90%+ accuracy thanks to the AI/NLP powered by Google & Bing translate APIS.

The natural language processing API supports both speech synthesis and voice recognition from Siri & Google Assistant.

What sets them aside is the ability to delivery without any lag a face to face multilingual real-time

Once the language is Chosen in the app all that it needed is to press the control on the earpiece and speak what needs to be translated. Right then and there what was spoken in the earpiece is spoken and written on the APP for the other person to hear & read simultaneously.

In addition to translation these smart bluetooth sets could be also used to listen to music, songs and record meetings and other sessions as needed.

Compatible with both Android and iOS they come in three colors: Black, White & Silver

Once fully charged, the 100 mAh battery could be used continually for up to 6 hours, with both on and off translation of up to 12 hrs.


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