Solos Smart Glasses

The Solos Smart Glasses help you train smarter and reach your full potential as an athlete. These award-winning smart sunglasses connect to your sensors and access your performance data in real-time, with a combination of visual and audio prompts combined with smart communication tools to help you progress every time you put them on.

First of all, let's not breeze past the fact that these are, in fact, premium sunglasses—sunglasses with UV-protection and optical clarity in the impact-resistant lens, which sits in a ventilated, aerodynamic TR90 frame for premium performance under the sun. However, these Smart Glasses became more than just a pair of shades when Solos outfitted them with a high-resolution, adjustable Vista Pupil display that connects with your sensors and displays real-time workout stats with sharp clarity, even in a variety of light conditions. This design works as a see-through display to minimize distraction and keep your eyes focused on what's on the road in front of you.

Voice-controlled data access, audible coaching prompts, and two-way group communication come to you in the built-in microphone and micro-speakers to help you train smart and safely, whether you're riding with the team or on a solo mission. Solos also made sure safety wouldn't be compromised by making the headphone a near-ear design for ambient awareness, allowing you to hear approaching cars, riders, or weather. Bluetooth connectivity, of course, removes the need for annoying, tangled wires, while an included micro USB charging cable quickly and easily charges the battery of these glasses for over five hours of typical use.

Smart glasses with real-time data display when cycling or training

High-resolution pupil display shows real-time stats in vivid color

See-through design reduces distraction, and is readable in sunlight

Microphone/microspeakers provides voice-controlled data access

Two-way communication and coaching prompts enhance efficiency

Wireless connectivity makes for hassle-free syncing

Li-Ion battery lasts up to five hours, and is charged with USB cable

Sunglasses are impact-resistant, ventilated, and highly UV-protective


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