Best Practices

Here are few suggestions for our suppliers to make the most out of this platform. If you still have questions or have suggestions regarding these recommendations, feel free to create a request. We would love to hear from you!

complete profile

Complete profiles increase consumer confidence in your brand, try to provide as much information as possible. 

Active engagement + support 

Actively engaging your customers on the site, replying to all their concerns and issues within less than the default 24 hours period will increase your sales significantly

Actively seek out Developers

We have developer teams on the site that are looking for a supplier and manufacturer to partner with them in bringing their ideas to life. By actively connecting with then you could increase your sales goals and ultimately partner on specific projects that you find appealing.  

Ship your products in time 

Shipping your products as soon as order gets confirmed reduces the time it will take for your customer to get it. 

Keep your product info current 

when your product details change, make sure you update them on wearme on timely manner, this could cost you sales even if your product is current, yet your literature on the site is not updated.