Supplier Account Tutorials

Welcome to the supplier account tutorial section. This tutorial is part of the on boarding process for all Wearme suppliers. If have any questions that are not covered in this tutorial, please feel free to contact support. 

Signing up for wearme supplier account is fairly simple.  You will be able to apply to become a supplier by clicking the box "DO YOU WANT TO BECOME SUPPLIER/DEVELOPER. 

Every single application is carefully considered to ensure quality of the site and legitimacy of the application. We require the following documents in order to successfully approve your account with wearme. 

  • Company license/ Government Issued ID

  • Telephone number of the contact person

  • Physical Address of the company 

  • Membership Contract 

We want to make sure that your pictures that are uploaded are true representations of the product that you're selling. Once you finish uploading our operations personnel with check and validate your product.  Your product profile has to contain the following basic information:

  • Clear & precise product name + description

  • Adequate details including attributes and variants (color, size, sex etc.)

  • Correct product weight in KG/lb and dimensions  (LXWXH) in cm/in


Product Picture Policy

In addition to true representation rule,  the following requirements apply;

  • Recommended size is minimum 1024X 1024 px 

  • You may upload as many pictures as you wish

  • All product pictures should be on white or transparent background 

  • No reflections, no text writing and no watermarks on the leading picture - the first picture that is showed both in grid view and product page. 

Inventory Requests 

After successfully uploading your products you will need to state how much of that products are already at hand in your inventory; we STRONGLY suggest you to set aside a set of inventory for each of the product you plan to sell on our platform. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE PRODUCT IN STOCK PLEASE INDICATE SO by clicking on "AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER" checkbox in the product profile page.  

All products should be properly labeled, packaged and sent to our fulfillment centers in HK and SF, while setting your product price please note that it is FOB HK (Chinese Suppliers) or SF (US + International Suppliers). You are responsible for freight, Insurance and customs duty until your product reaches our fulfillment facilities. 

You are required by law to process returns and exchanges for defective and damaged goods. Intentional false representation entails automatic forfeiture of your membership rights and we have the right to withhold your pay until you're able to compensate for the damages.   

If disputes arise wearme will first suggest settling the problem through mutual understanding between the buyer and seller; if that fails to bring remedy, we will arbitrate or assign a third party to seek resolution  

wearme pay outs

Wearme payout are sent out everyday with a cutoff period being 2:00 PM PST. You should have set up your preferred method of payment during your account set up, you will also need to request payment before the cutoff period.  We use Wire transfer or PayPal to your US account, or Transferwise for all international transactions.  In order to make sure you can receive payment on time each supplier is expected to already have set up a PayPal business account or a Transferwise account. 

Setting up Your Own Delivery Provider

Wearme provides a method for entering your own delivery service providers. Wearme supports 100+ shipping providers, to take best advantage of them - we would suggest you to sign up with either 

Once signed up please copy and paste your API under the Configuration ->  Delivery Partner.

Afterwards, click on the delivery methods button and enter your product category, destination availability and other details. 

A more detailed step-by-step guid can be found by clicking below.

 Step by step instruction